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Ningbo Zhenhai silver Ball bearing limited company was established in 1995, NZSB is a specialty manufacturer of high precision miniature and small size deep groove ball bearing with our registered brand "NZSB". Our bearing are widely used in motor of air conditioners, various household appliance, low noise motor, automotive electric tools, telecommunication devices, optical instrument, office apparatus and sports apparatus.
The area of the company covers 36,659 square meters and 19,000 square meters of building area. With 815 employees in our company, and the annual sale is 93 million sets of bearings. NZSB utilizes world high quality raw materials,as well as,automatic raceway super-finished instrument, automatic greasing & shielding from equipment comprehensive factorization manufacture and so on generatrix, Supersonic rinser, overall running water, optimized integration...more

Quality Control

It is equipped with the leading domestic production equipments such as inner and outer ring raceway super-finishing machine, high accuracy general purpose...Quality Control

Full-course Service

Before-sale service: It puts itself in the position of the users. It earnestly helps the users to weill-use the bearings. It comprehensively investigates the use circumstances ...Quality Control

Technology Information

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Deep groove ball bearings are used in a particularly wide variety of applications. Consequently, they are available in many executions and sizes. The standard SKF range comprises the following types:
每 single row deep groove ball bearings
每 SKF Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings
每 single row deep groove ball bearings with filling slots
每 stainless steel single row deep groove ball bearings
每 single row hybrid deep groove ball bearings, see section "Engineering products

Home appliances bearings

Home Appliance Bearing
As the standard of life is improving dramatically, home appliances are required to be more reliable and applicable.

Automobile Bearing

Automobile Bearing
Automobile industry is heading toward a more reliable, light, stable, better power, accelerating, comfortable

Electric Tool Bearings

Electric Tool Bearings
After years of working, NZSB motor bearing is greatly improved, which attracts many well known motor producing

Textile Machine Bearing

Textile Machine Bearing
Textile bearings are mostly used in bad conditions and required to have long life, over load, high speed, low noise